What type ceremonies do you do?

Virtually any type you wish. Whether it would be on skis, jumping out of a plane, under water, hot air balloon, on the beach, in your backyard, ...just about any where, any way you want. Or just a traditional type of ceremony is also fine,...although I'd have to say "if you're looking for a totally super serious ceremony, you might want someone else".

Can you do normal weddings too?

Yes, of course. I don't want to embarass anyone by anything I do or say. It is your wedding the way you want it.

Can you marry outside of Rhode Island and how far will you travel?

Yes, I am legal in all states except Lousianna, so I am willing to go just about anywhere. Every state does have their own marriage laws that we must abide by. I have frequented many New England states smoothly. I will also travel outside the country also,...see "destination weddings" for more details.

Can you supply music for ceremony?

Yes I can! I am also a musician/dj too! I have a partner with me for that circumstance. Please visit www.wavesdj.com for more info.

What type of music do you have for ceremonies?

I have quite an extensive library of music. There is absolutely something for everyone. It really comes down to what kind of ceremony you're looking for.

Do you supply a sound system for music?

Yes I do. I have multiple diffeent sound systems for any occasion. I aslo have a wireless microphone set-up (headset for myself and handheld for couples if they want to be heard).

Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely! I urge couples to be a part of the ceremony. I want it to be exactly how they imagined it to be, whether they write there own or I write one for them. Anything they want in the ceremony, I will add.

What religion are you and what are your beliefs?

I was born and raised Catholic, and attended Catholic schools growing up. I have realized there are many great things about many different religions. My belief is that there is only one God, but many religions. I find there are many couples who come from different faiths and are finding it difficult to marry in churches. My belief is that any couple who are in love and wants to get married should be able to do so without being looked down upon for their beliefs.

Will you perform same sex marriages?
I believe that any couple who are in love and want to get married, should be able to,....so yes! We must abide by state laws of course.