Destination Weddings

They are getting more and more popular. Whether it be on an island in the Bahamas or Block Island, or on a mountain in Colorado, You should be able to marry anywhere you choose!

Popular Destinations:
Turks and Cacos
Block Island
Las Vegas
Foxwoods Resort

Other Possibilities:
on skis at a mountain
in a shark cage
sky diving
white water rafting
zip lining
cruise ship
roller coaster

Added notes to traveling to other countries:
When getting married in another country, ie: Cancun, there are marriage laws that must be followed. Blood work, translations of marriage certificates, and more. There are easier ways to do so,...Get officially married in the United States before, then do it again at your destination for the perfect setting, without having to deal with the "out of country" legalities.

call me or see travel agent for details